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About KPS

About KPS

KPS Group was formed in 1994 in the United Kingdom as KP Seismic Ltd. The company was restructured in 2001 and renamed KPS Group (International) Ltd., with offices in Calgary, Canada; Houston, USA; London, England; Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia and Perth, Australia.

KPS Group is recognised for our experience and expertise in the increasingly important data management arena. Our strength is our flexibility and ability to work with our clients to provide solutions for management of geotechnical data. Solutions can be tailored to solve a particular problem or to implement a comprehensive system converting the client's paper and digital legacy databases to work-ready on-line corporate assets.

Technical solutions are provided for the recovery, capture, reconditioning, digitisation, cataloguing and management of geotechnical exploration and production data. Our strong international network of service centres is allied to a powerful suite of proprietary software, specifically produced to handle the various complex data types associated with the oil & gas industry.

KPS has experienced teams of geotechnical professionals in each of the Calgary, Houston, London and Saudi locations.

Currently, the largest KPS data management project is in Saudi Arabia and is contracted to Saudi Aramco.

In addition to services, KPS Group also markets proprietary Revive seismic reconstruction software, Neuralog geotechnical digitising software and Sentinel data management consultancy services and software suite of products.

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